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GM Flow Measurement Services Ltd manufacture gas flow meters for applications around the globe across many industry sectors. GM Flow service customers in our traditional Oil and Gas markets, and in the emerging Hydrogen and CO2 markets.

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The oil and gas industry utilises natural gas flow meters in many parts of the production process. Portable and fixed test separators, custody transfer, gas-lift, and high-pressure gas re-injection all require accurate gas flow measurement techniques with different user requirements. We are working directly with Saudi Aramco to develop a wet gas meter specific to their requirements.

GM Flow are rapidly evolving with our latest customers to develop specialised flow meters for hydrogen and CO2 injection operations. Every company needs to accept and address their environmental impact and we are helping our customers in this area to reduce hydrogen generation costs on electrolyser operations,  providing unrivalled performance in hydrogen vehicle fuelling applications.

GM Flow are developing Hy-Cone™ LP flow meters for low pressure hydrogen gas being produced from electrolysers. This gas is then compressed and stored for use as a source of electric power for grid re-balancing, or to re-fuel hydrogen powered vehicles. Customers utilising hydrogen powered vehicles need to know how much hydrogen they are purchasing, so GM Flow are extending our range in the hydrogen arena, by developing Hy-Cone™ HP, to meter hydrogen gas a 350 Bar and 700 Bar for vehicle fuelling applications. 

Carbon Capture projects around the world, are helping to achieve net zero by 2050, by capturing CO2 from the atmosphere or from the industries producing CO2 in their processes. This CO2 is compressed and pumped into underground depleted hydrocarbon reservoirs, locking it away from the earth’s atmosphere. GM Flow are developing a smart CO2 meter which will measure the flow rate of gas being captured, so that customers can tell the quantity of gas being stored as well as the phase condition of the gas as it is pumped. Knowing the phase condition, of the gas, is invaluable for these customers since it helps them to maximise their impact, with minimum energy use, making the system even more attractive.

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GM Flow was formed in 2014 to offer Adjusta-Cone® as the world’s first fully adjustable differential pressure cone meter for natural gas. Adjusta-Cone® is not a standard differential pressure cone flow meter, it fulfils the needs of the industry for safe operation, accurate measurement, compact footprint, wide operating range, and ease of use.

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