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The oil and gas industry utilises natural gas flow meters in many parts of the production process. Portable and fixed test separators, custody transfer, gas-lift, and high-pressure gas re-injection all require accurate gas flow measurement techniques with different user requirements. Customers were having trouble with leaking dual chamber orifice fittings.

They also had a lack of experienced personnel and many simply wanted a safe alternative to a dual chamber orifice fitting. To address this need, GM Flow was formed in 2014 to offer Adjusta-Cone® as the world’s first fully adjustable differential pressure cone meter for natural gas. Adjusta-Cone® is not a standard differential pressure cone flow meter, it fulfils the needs of the industry for safe operation, accurate measurement, compact footprint, wide operating range and ease of use

AdjustaCone meter on a skid on location in desert

In the well services arena, high pressure nitrogen gas is used during coiled tubing gas lift operations, foam cementing, coiled tubing scale milling and well cleanout activities. You might be tired of the inaccuracy of using a pump stroke counter or the high repair costs of gas turbine flow meters? These methods for measuring high pressure nitrogen gas flow, are rather subjective, relying on an assumed pump efficiency and averaged pumping pressure to arrive at a calculated flow rate. GM Flow used customer input, to design Integra-Cone™, specifically as a high pressure nitrogen gas flow meter. Integra-Cone™ has no moving parts and a working pressure of up to 10,000 PSI. It utilises commonly used 2” & 3” 1502 end connections to allow fast rig-up. Integra-Cone™ meets customers’ needs for accurate nitrogen flow rate and pump pressure measurement during nitrogen pumping operations.

Integra-Cone connected up and in use

Allow us to prove how we can be your preferred natural gas and nitrogen flow meter suppliers using our two outstanding products, Adjusta-Cone® and Integra-Cone™.

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