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What is Adjusta-Cone?

Adjusta-Cone® is a differential pressure, cone flow meter with an adjustable range. It is used for measuring gas flow rates.

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  Reduce risks   increase accuracy   save money


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  Unlike dual chamber orifice fittings, Adjusta-Cone® does not release hazardous gas every time it is used.

  Adjusta-Cone®’s footprint is 60% less than that of a dual chamber orifice fitting.

  Adjusta-Cone® has a 25:1 turndown ratio compared to an orifice plate 3 or 4:1. (250:1 when used across its entire operating range).

  Adjusta-Cone® automatically selects the best range for it to be operating in, completely removing the need for personnel intervention.

  It has superior erosion and corrosion resistance compared to other gas flow meter types.

Adjusta-Cone® increases your measurement accuracy, since it is less affected by restricted installation space.

What does it do for me?

Damaged and distorted orifice plate

  Being automatic, you can use less personnel on site, reducing costs and lowering risk.

  Adjusta-Cone® will perform far better than an orifice plate under wet gas conditions.

  No more headaches about the possibility of an accident or damage to the orifice plate or the dual chamber fitting by less experienced personnel.

  Your well testing team can spend less time on site, saving your customers money.

  You will reduce risk to your operators because they will no longer be needed to make plate changes as part of their routine operations.

  Your maintenance bills will reduce.

What can I expect?

Adjusta Cone Sizing specification

  GM Flow will size a meter for your application.

  If we do not have one already in that size, we will manufacture to suit and offer it on a flexible rent or rent to own option.

  We will help to install the meter and flow computer in your process.

  We will train your personnel.

  We will ensure that you are completely satisfied with every installation.

  Adjusta-Cone® will provide consistent, accurate flow rate data and will reduce site time by reducing plate changing operations plus the process settling time associated with each change (roughly 30 minutes per plate change is saved).


Safety is GM Flow’s number one priority - we designed Adjusta-Cone from the ground up, with the primary reason of reducing risk to your operators. We don’t just talk about, we engineered a complete solution for it. No gas releases, no operator intervention, reduced leak paths, no NPT threads, all machined construction.

Adjusta-Cone Gas Flow meter in use

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Lack of Experienced Personnel?

Does your company have a lack of experienced personnel, due to hiring freezes, lay-offs or more work than you can handle? If so, Adjusta-Cone® can help you to deploy those personnel where they are most needed, reducing the experience concentration around the dual chamber fitting considerably.

How does it compare to other technology?

Please have a look at a customer’s actual comparison table for Adjusta-Cone® versus other technologies. Taking every aspect of the process into consideration, Adjusta-Cone® is step ahead of its closest competitor.

Table comparing different oil field gas flow technologies

Dual chamber gas flow meter in use on offshore installation

Looking for an Alternative for a Dual Chamber Orifice Meter?

Are you wanting to move away from orifice metering, because of the hazardous gas release every time your operators change a plate? Maybe a lack of skilled personnel is causing you headaches for adequate coverage on each job? Perhaps your orifice meter is squeezed into a space which does not allow 19D of straight pipe upstream of the meter? Maybe you also have two or more elbows upstream of the meter, which are contributing to inaccurate flow data? Maybe the tube bundle is also corroded away over the years and is no longer effective? Or maybe you are fed-up of the constant maintenance or repair bills, just to keep meter operational?

Adjusta-Cone® solves all these problems in one fell swoop, allowing you to concentrate on obtaining accurate flow rate data, improving safety and reducing the time needed for each well test.

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