About GM Flow Measurement Services Ltd

GM Flow Measurement Services Ltd was established in 2014 to offer a range of flow measurement services and products, to the oil and gas industry. No other company can offer the wide range of in depth knowledge of test and production separator flow meters, gas injection, water injection, produced water and general oilfield flow measurement. We also specialise in high pressure liquid and gas measurement including N2 measurement during coiled tubing applications.

Trailer mounted test separator in use
Dual gas flow meters in desert environment
Students in class room learning about gas flow measurement

About Gavin Munro

Offering flow measurement expertise in the field of non custody transfer, Gavin has been working for 30 years on test and production separators, gas and water injection, gas lift and general oilfield liquid and gas pumping and measurement applications. Services provided include design, provision, commissioning and testing of specific flow projects, large and small. Gavin is recognised as a top level trainer, taking time to enthuse and lead students into finding solutions for themselves, therefore remembering for all time.

Gavin Munro - Managing Director - GM Flow Measurement Services

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