Natural Gas Flow Measurement

Portable Test Separator Gas Flow Measurement

Natural Gas Flow Meters are widely used in many parts of the oil and gas exploration and production process. Soon after being drilled, new oil and gas wells are production tested to establish their initial performance, by a well testing service company, using portable test separator equipment. Established wells are often retested, on a regular basis to determine their production profiles over time, allowing reservoir and production engineers to plan effectively.

AdjustaCone meter on a skid on location in desert

Fixed Separator Well Testing Gas Flow Measurement

Adjusta-Cone® technology can also be successfully used, further downstream, in the oil companies’ own fixed test and production separators, offering the same safety and footprint benefits. GM Flow’s flagship product, Adjusta-Cone® can precisely and safely measure produced natural gas during any well testing activity. Adjusta-Cone® allows them to perform the same tasks more safely, efficiently, in a smaller footprint and with better accuracy, than with traditional dual chamber orifice fittings.

Test Separators

Custody Transfer Gas Flow Measurement

After cleaning and processing, natural gas is sold or transported to market, having passed through an extremely accurate gas flow meter, one which meets the exacting accuracy requirements for custody transfer. Designed as a safe alternative to dual chamber orifice meters, customers are embracing Adjusta-Cone® for the wide range of benefits it offers – huge turndown ratio, multi-point calibration and automatic range selection of the most accurate range, allows operators to very precisely measure their natural gas production and calculate the amount of revenue being generated from it.

Custody transfer dual chamber orifice plate meter

Nitrogen Gas Flow Measurement

Some wells require to be assisted in their initial production and the use of gas lift to boost the flow rates of hydrocarbons is commonly employed. Coiled tubing is a useful method of delivering high-pressure nitrogen gas, deep into a well, to assist oil production. Integra-Cone™ is a differential pressure, cone flow meter with a fixed, but wide flow range. It is used for measuring accurate flow rate and flowing pressure of nitrogen gas, at up to 10,000 psi, during well servicing and pipeline operations.

Integra-Cone in use offshore

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