Adjustable Cone Gas Flow Meter

What is Adjusta-Cone®?

Adjusta-Cone® is a unique natural gas flow meter, it is an adjustable differential pressure cone meter and is a safe alternative to dual chamber orifice meters, which always release gas during every orifice plate change operation.

Adjusta-Cone® - Benefits

  •   Adjusta-Cone® does not release hazardous natural gas nor toxic H2S gas, every time it is used, so is a safe alternative to a dual chamber orifice fitting. Badly maintained dual chamber orifice fittings can also leak, causing continuous personnel exposure to gas, during the 5 to 10 minute plate changing operation. Adjusta-Cone® has two sets of gas tight seals, minimising potential leak paths to the environment.
  •   Adjusta-Cone® has a 25:1 turndown ratio compared to an orifice plate’s 3:1 or 4:1. (250:1 when used across its entire operating pressure range) – all the while maintaining +/- 0.5% accuracy.
Two engineers inspecting an industrial gas flow meter
  •   Adjusta-Cone® automatically selects and shifts to the best flow range in a fraction of the time, so that it is always operating within its most accurate operating envelope. In doing so, it completely removes the need for personnel intervention. Complex algorithms help Adjusta-Cone® to determine which range to be operating in, taking account different flowing conditions. Calculation can be disabled during range changing to eliminate mismeasurement of the flowing gas.
  •   Adjusta-Cone® is designed using Computational Fluid Dynamics and Finite Element Analysis, so that it has superior erosion and corrosion resistance compared to other gas flow meters.
  •   Adjusta-Cone® increases natural gas flow measurement accuracy, since it is less affected by restricted installation space and wet gas.
  •   Adjusta-Cone® utilises directly mounted flow computers, eliminating the potential for liquid build up in the impulse tubing and reducing the number of potential leak points.
  •   Adjusta-Cone® uses differential pressure technology, which has been shown (ISO 5167 part V) to require less upstream straight lengths than orifice plates, so its footprint is up to 60% less than an equivalent orifice run.
  •   Each Adjusta-Cone® is fitted with a state of the art flow computer, programmed with built in tables of calibration data, as well as meter’s physical dimensions. The customer only needs to enter the gas SG, N2 and CO2 content, or if he prefers, the full gas mole fraction data. The device can even handle a gas chromatograph input and if required can be remotely accessed using wireless technology.
Polished barrel of the Adjusta-Cone natural gas flow meter on display stand

What will Adjusta-Cone® do for me?

Adjusta Cone gas flow meter in use in desert location
  •   Being automatic, Adjusta-Cone® allows you more efficiently utilise personnel on site, reducing costs and lowering risk, so we can help solve any experienced personnel availability issues you may have.
  •   Adjusta-Cone® will perform better than an orifice plate under wet gas conditions – liquid does not build up across the meter, or in the impulse lines, causing erroneous or fluctuating flow rates.
  •   You can stop worrying about the possibility of an accidental damage to the orifice plate or the dual chamber fitting, by less experienced personnel. Adjusta-Cone® decides when to change the range and does it automatically in a fraction of the time.
  •   During flow back or well testing operations, Adjusta-cone® will start to read as soon as natural gas starts to pass through the meter. There is no need to wait for stable conditions, before lowering the orifice plate. Your well testing team will spend less time on site, saving your customers money. Slugging wells can cause the need for orifice plates to be changed often. With Adjusta-Cone® our extremely wide and dual range means that often one range will handle an entire well test, with many choke settings.
  •   You will reduce risk to your operators because they will no longer be needed to make orifice plate changes, as part of their routine operations.
  •   Your maintenance bills will reduce.

How does Adjusta-Cone® compare to other technology?

Please have a look at a customer’s actual comparison table for Adjusta-Cone® versus other gas flow meter types. Taking every aspect of the process into consideration, Adjusta-Cone® is steps ahead of its closest competitor.

Adjusta-Cone® Technical Data Sheet

To learn more about Adjusta-Cone® and its specific operation, benefits and features, download the comprehensive Data Sheet..