Integra-Cone™ - High Pressure Nitrogen Flow Meter

Integra-Cone™ - High Pressure N2 Gas Meter

Customers approached GM Flow with a requirement to measure high pressure nitrogen flow during coiled tubing operations. Traditional methods such as stroke counters on the pump drive shaft or gas turbine flow meters from other nitrogen flow meter suppliers, can be problematic and can easily be damaged by the extremely high flowing velocity encountered at the start of pumping operations.

GM Flow recognised these issues and based on customers’ requests, produced Integra-Cone™ nitrogen gas flow meter. This device offers a rugged and accurate differential pressure product for nitrogen gas. Integra-Cone™ has the required working pressure of 5,000 PSI or 10,000 PSI required for these applications. Being a differential pressure product Integra-Cone™ has no moving parts, reduced leak paths and offers an instantaneous readout of nitrogen gas flow rate and flowing pressure, which gives the pump operators direct control of the flow rate and flowing pressure.

Integra-Cone™ is used for measuring high pressure nitrogen flow rate and pumping pressure, during gas lift, scale milling, coiled tubing, foam cementing, pipeline pigging/dewatering and well cleanout operations. We now have two field tested versions:

  1. 1) 2" 1502, Wing x Thread, 10K PSI working pressure (requires 12 VDC)
  2. 2) 2" 1502, Thread x Thread, 5K PSI working pressure (Battery Powered).

Both provide live pumping pressure and flow rate, in the customer choice of standard Ft3, m3, (or any other units). This allows an equipment operator to pump at exactly the rate and pressure required. The battery powered display also provides an RS485 communications port, for fast retrieval after the job.

No more estimated flow rates, based on inaccurate stroke counters and fluctuating flowing pressure. No more guessing the pump efficiency nor using toothed wheels on the pump drive shaft to derive your flow rate.

Safe, accurate and rugged measurement of nitrogen flow rates all from one compact device.

Integracone High Pressure Nitorgen Flow Meter


Safety is GM Flow’s number one priority – Like Adjusta-Cone® we designed Integra-Cone from the ground up, by minimising leak paths, completely removing leak prone NPT threads and using an all machined construction mean that Integra-Cone™ is capable of working safely in the most extreme oilfield environments without risk to the operators.

Technical Data Sheet

To learn more about Integracone and its specific operation, benefits and features, download the comprehensive Data Sheet.


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