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Oil and Gas

High pressure nitrogen gas is used during coiled tubing gas lift operations, foam cementing, coiled tubing scale milling and well cleanout activities. The inaccuracy of using a pump stroke counter or the high repair costs of gas turbine flow meters is very common. The methods for measuring high pressure nitrogen gas flow, are rather subjective, relying on an assumed pump efficiency and averaged pumping pressure to arrive at a calculated flow rate. 

GM Flow used customer input, to design not only the Adjusta-Cone® but also the Integra-Cone™, specifically as a high-pressure nitrogen gas flow meter. Integra-Cone™ has no moving parts and a working pressure of up to 10,000 PSI. It utilises commonly used 2” & 3” 1502 end connections to allow fast rig-up. Integra-Cone™ meets customers’ needs for accurate nitrogen flow rate and pump pressure measurement during nitrogen pumping operations.

Offshore oil technician performing equipment check


Adjusta-Cone adjustable natural gas flow meter

Adjustable Cone Gas Flow Meter


Integra-Cone high pressure nitrogen gas flow meter in its green painted cradle

High Pressure Nitrogen Flow Meter