Adjusta-Cone, patented adjustable natural gas flow meter

Adjusta-Cone Granted US Patent

GM Flow are delighted to announce that we have been granted a US patent for our Adjusta-Cone gas flow meter.

Designed from the ground up, to have vastly superior flow range of at least 25:1 (at one pressure) and up to 250:1 at varying pressures, Adjusta-Cone is the safe alternative to dual chamber orifice fittings.

Orifice fittings are sometimes known to leak, causing the process of changing orifice plates to become a very risky operation. This risk can now be totally eliminated from your operation, since Adjusta-Cone measures the flow rate and automatically adjusts the range to suit, without ever breaking the pipe pressure boundary. Your people are no longer exposed to H2S, or explosive gases while doing their normal job.

Well testing, flow back, or permanent installation in fracked or depleting gas wells are ideal applications for this unique product.

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